Laura Diaz

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About Laura Diaz

Laura Diaz is a well-seasoned real estate broker, with over 17 years’ experience. While she is well versed in every aspect of the real estate business, her passion lies in assisting people through the mortgage loan modification process, which she has been doing since the market crashed in 2008. Her tenacity is evidenced by her ability to persevere and remain successful in this ever-changing industry. Her mission is to raise up leaders and mentor budding entrepreneurs via trainings she offers within the community. She is a level 5 leader displaying humility and will. She demonstrates that she is a community-minded giver by being involved with “Home for Heroes,” a program that helps veterans to live the American dream through either refinancing or purchasing homes. While she offers a kinder, gentler approach to the real estate business, do not underestimate her business acumen. Not only does she accomplish whatever endeavor she so desires, but she has also owned and operated several successful real estate offices. Laura Diaz’s stellar performance in operating profitable real estate offices is further evidence that she is able to take her next mission to the next level and beyond. She would, together with the team, attain exponential growth in the areas of selling and buying prime real estate, offering second chances to homeowners through loan modifications and assisting first time home buyers in achieving the American Dream.

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